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Search for a Renewable Fuel

Utilise the map feature to ‘Bid or Offer’ against low carbon products including Biomass, Liquid Biodegradable Waste or Hydrogen

Selling Interest

Want to sell a fuel you have in stock?
Take advantage of our large community base to advertise your fuel.
Send us your enquiry, photos and we will get in touch with you within 48 hours to verify your fuel

Industrial Auction Platform

Remember, the more information you provide, the sooner we can advertise your fuel.  Send us any photos and supporting documents, to help us verify your fuel

If a member receives a bid close to the asking price on the industrial platform, the Biofuel Finder team will get in contact to see how Biofuel Finder or the potential buyer can arrange collection

Unfortunately, we cannot advertise a fuel if the purchasing conditions do not meet the minimum ‘Biofuel Finder Verification Standard (BFVS)’

Click here to find out more

Buying Interest

Utilise our map search to advertise your interest. The Biofuel Finder team will place your buying interest in the exact geographical location where you are looking to purchase your fuel. This will allow you to take advantage of our large community, which may be interested in selling

Industrial Auction Platform

Version two of the Industrial Auction Platform is currently in working progress. The free version does allow sellers to advertise and receive bids for their fuel

Value Added Services

Transport – Bulk vessels, containers, road transport and rail
Storage – Pallet storage, bulk storage or storage at the port
Shipping – Bulk loading, discharge and container lines

Access our range of advertised ‘Value Added Services’ to support ‘buying and selling’ Low Carbon Physical Fuels

Advertise with us?

If you want to advertise your transport, shipping or custom brokerage services, please send your request to