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Our Philosophy

The Biofuel Finder team is committed towards reducing Carbon Emissions


Biofuels play an important role in decarbonising transport by providing a low-carbon solution for sectors such as trucking, shipping and aviation

IEA 2023



According to the IEA: Biofuel demand in 2022 reached a record high of 4.3 EJ (170 000 million litres), surpassing levels seen in 2019. A significant increase in biofuel production is still required to meet the Net Zero Emissions targets by 2050 (NZE) Scenario and deliver the associated emission reductions

The Biofuel Finder team contributes to this goal by offering buyers and sellers better access to Low Carbon Fuels, better price transparency, access to liquidity and wide range of verified buyer and sellers


Our Mission

To assist governments around the world by allowing liquidity through our platform, thus helping to achieve the targets set to reduce emissions by 2050

Our Vision

To become the number one technological platform for buying and selling low carbon fuel products suitable for heat, transport and power generation

Achieving the full ‘Carbon Life Cycle’

End User

Users of low carbon fuels must consider the full value chain including transport used when recieving the fuel


Producers of low carbon fuels whether upstream, downstream, refining or blending must consider the full chain when acquiring the raw material for the final product

Enviromental Restoration

See our social media channel for updates on different programmes and initiatives we support