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Transport Calculator

Purpose:  This calculator has been designed for Biomass and Biogas traders who are estimating the cost of transporting products on the Biofuel Finder map.

* Disclaimer: Last updated January 2024:

The estimated price per mile applies to UK bulk transport options such as Walking Floors, Curtain Siders, or Bulkers and is backload basis.

Biomass Calculator

Use calculator to determine approximate amount of fuel required for your Biomass Boiler (Industrial applications)

Products shown in the list below have Gross Calorific Values (GCV) on an as received (AR) basis that have been taken from a established  testing and inspection companies. Results should only be used for guidance purposes. Use calculator below for more accurate results

Disclaimer:  Please divide the kj/kg by one thousand to obtain mj/kg

Please insert your GCV (AR) and Hydrogen (AR) results 

Disclaimer:  Formula taken from international inspection body